Azore Light

This Azore® Light series has expired! If you are interested in Azore please consider contacting us for a free demo of the commercial version.

Azore® Light

Azore® Light is an introductory version of the full featured Azore CFD software suite. This version of Azore can be used to solve two dimensional problems only. The graphical user interface (GUI) provides set up and post processing capabilities for both two and three dimensional problems. The three dimensional capabilities are provided for evaluation purposes only as the three dimensional numerical kernel is not distributed with this version. This version of Azore is only available as a single precision 32 bit application (The full version is available in both 32/64 bit and single/double precision) so problem sizes are limited to less than ~3.5 GB of memory.


Microsoft® Windows®

XP or newer

Size: 17 MB

Mac OS X

version 10.6.8 or newer

Size: 15 MB


Red Hat 5.8 or compatible

Size: 20 MB

Please note: The Azore® Light edition is time sensitive. The current download versions will function until May 25, 2013.

Installation Instructions

Azore is distributed as a zipped folder. After downloading your preferred version please unzip the folder and place in a permanent location on your system. Please note that Azore does not use an install program for installation purposes therefore if you would like to uninstall Azore simply move the Azore base folder to the recycle bin. To start Azore's graphical user interface (GUI) start the "azore" application located in the bin folder under the Azore installation folder.

Watch an Azore® Light screencast tutorial

Is your browser not playing the screencase? Download the movie file here by right clicking your mouse and watch it with your favorite movie player.

Supporting Material

Below find links to the user guide for Azore and the input mesh for the screencast tutorial.

Introductory Tutorial Mesh

Azore®'s Users Guide