Commercial Licensing

Azore® Technologies, LLC distributes and supports the Azore® software product line. Azore® is a suite of numerical analysis tools for calculating fluid flow, mass transfer and heat transfer. The Azore® product line of software is available for a number of platforms including Windows, Linux and MacOS.

The Azore® software suite is distributed as a zipped folder which is copied and uncompressed to a location on your computer (of your choosing). Once the folder is uncompressed the azorerequest tool can be used to generate a license request file. This file is forwarded to our staff for generation of a valid license file. This file is then copied into the license sub folder of the Azore® installation folder to fully enable the software. Two types of licenses are currently offered: Node locked or Floating Licenses.

Azore® Licensing Options

Node Locked License

  • The ability to run Azore® is limited to a particular computer (the node).
  • One instance of the numerical solver.
  • Unlimited instances of the GUI for pre and post processing models.
  • Basic Support Package.

Floating License

  • The ability to run more than one instance of Azore®.
  • A license manager is provided for managing the number of seats licensed.
  • The Azore® license manager serves licenses across a network or on a single computer.
  • Basic Support Package

Azore® Technologies, LLC also offers support services for the Azore® software product line. These services provide a conduit to our technical staff to help you get the most out of the Azore® software product line. Currently, the following support packages are available. Please contact us for additional support options.

Azore® Support Packages

Basic Support Package

  • e-mail support for software installation

Modeling Support

  • Modeling approaches
  • Simulation setup
  • Post processing simulation results

Give Azore® a try!

Free node locked demo licenses are available for Azore®.
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